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Your spring budget questions answered

March 6, 2018


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Spring is in the air. Is it time to do your taxes? Are you taking a spring break vacation with family? The real question is; are your finances ready for springtime expenses? Let’s go over what to include in your budget to get you ready for spring.

Let’s start with the standard expenses.

This is rather taxing

It’s tax season. Depending on financial factors, you may owe money in the tax filing process or to the government. Be prepared by setting a reasonable budget to pay upfront fees to use tax programs or to pay your accountant so when tax season arrives you’re not scraping for dollars to pay Uncle Sam.

What’s up, Doc?

The seasons are changing, bringing colds and sinus infections along with all the pollen. Guess what that means? Doctor visits and medications are almost always required. Keep some money tucked away for medical expenses because like the weather, these viruses are unexpected. More money set aside for recovery means less financial stress in the end.

Now, for the fun expenses.

It’s spring break

You’re itching for a vacation and spring break is the perfect time to take the kids on a fun adventure. It’s expenses like these that make budgeting worthwhile. Map out your vacation including travel, food and housing and begin to set aside little by little for your dream trip.

All the spring holidays

Holidays are a time for celebration and with parties comes spending.
Plan accordingly when it comes to Easter. Save up enough beforehand for all of the Easter baskets, dinner parties and time with family.

Mother’s Day is a day to shower your mother in love and gifts. Find out what she loves, save up for it and surprise her on the day. You know how much flowers can add up to, so order ahead of time to avoid any rush fees.

Once you set your budget, get ready to enjoy that first day of spring. It’s easier when you’re financially prepared.

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