At Movement, it’s never been about the money

Our bank is driven by loving the people we serve, the dreams they cherish and the communities they embrace.

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Restoring integrity and service to banking

Our approach to banking is in stark contrast to the unhealthy relationship most people have with their banks; where bankers win when customers lose. This broken relationship over the years has crimped our economy, created dangerous cycles of debt and cost people jobs, homes and security.

Our founders believed financial institutions should serve people, not money. In the spirit of “love your neighbor as yourself,” they seized opportunities to step into the chaos and restore integrity and service to the financial system.

The shoulders we stand on

This conflict between love and money isn’t a modern problem. One hundred years ago America’s immigrants, entrepreneurs and pioneers pooled their money to create places where families, farmers and future businesses could find help. Unless, of course, your skin was a different color.

Our beginnings

Our bank, then called First State Bank, started by a group of African-Americans in rural Virginia who gathered $20,000 to form a bank that would love and value people the establishment rejected.

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Centered around community

In 2017, First State Bank became Movement Bank. Their story is our proud heritage and their legacy is our future standard. We steward your money faithfully, serve your family with integrity and support the Movement Foundation to bring life, light and hope to people in need.

Technology Driven

Banking today looks vastly different than when we started 100 years ago. Money moves faster than light, transactions close with the tap of a finger and data informs every decision. We understand this and have evolved to give our customers the best tools to manage their finances on their schedule.

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