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5 reasons to build your savings

March 26, 2018


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We get it. Building your savings account can be stressful. But when unexpected expenses happen, you’ll be glad you did it. Here are five reasons you should build your savings account.

For the future homebuyer

You want to be ready to buy a home within the next few years, and with that comes cash-money. You’ll need to save up money for a down payment for your future home along with other home related costs such as closing costs.

When you do find your dream home, you’ll have enough funds saved up so the process can be a little less stressful. Sorry, you can’t put it all on your credit card.

For when life happens

Life can hit you when you least expect it. You’re going to need some money when your car breaks down or house problems arise like leaky pipes and flooding.

Have a secure savings to combat life’s sneaky expenses. You don’t want termites eroding your home’s foundation because you can’t pay the exterminator, do you?

For the investor

If you’re looking to invest, you know the whole point is to double your return. When investing, you probably want to save up enough cash so you have something to start with.

Speak with a financial advisor to find out what investment opportunities are best for you.

For the adventurer

Vacation is fun. Vacation can also be costly, but we need them to unwind from work and spend time with family. You’re ready for a romantic getaway with your spouse. Aren’t you glad you saved for the trip so you can get that couples massage you’ve always dreamed of at that luxurious hotel?

Always make time and reserve money toward fun activities along with your responsible, “adult” expenses.

For peace of mind

Simply add money to your savings account to keep your peace of mind. Always having money saved allows you to be ready for any circumstance. Here’s how much money you should be saving based on your age, according to CNBC.

Get to know your financial state and start adding to your savings as soon as you feel financially comfortable. The future you will be thankful.

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