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9 ways for your kids to give back

March 23, 2019


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Teaching your kids to be generous with their time and money doesn’t have to be expensive. Consider our nine suggestions for simple ways to spend time with your kids while showing them how to give to others.

1. Share the love. Give Valentine’s Day cards and goodies to children currently in the hospital. This allows your child to interact with other people their age while giving back to the community. Not only will you brighten up the patient’s day, but your family will enjoy creating cute Valentines to give away.

2. Forward march. Write letters and send care packages to our soldiers stationed overseas. If you don’t know a soldier, you can contact your local USO to see how your family can serve our troops.

3. It’s got to go. Host a yard sale and donate the money to a non-profit organization. It’s always fun for kids to work toward goals that help others. By selling things you don’t need and donating the money to charity, you’ll teach your little ones the joy of giving back to the community.

4. Expand your family. Ready to adopt a pet from the local animal shelter? Not only will you add a cute face to your family, but your kids can spend their time caring for others.

5. Tis the season. Visit a nursing home with your kids, so they can encourage someone else. This is an especially great thing to do around the holidays, when nursing home residents have daily activities that you and your kids can help run.

6. Whip up delicious. Has a new neighbor recently moved into the neighborhood? Been meaning to catch up with friends in your cul-de-sac? If so, make a meal for another neighborhood family and deliver it with the help of your kids.

7. Get your lemonade and cookies. Do you have little entrepreneurs who run lemonade and cookie stands? Help them learn to give by teaching them to donate some of their earnings to a charity of their choice.

8. Service with a smile. It’s easy to volunteer with your kids at a non-profit, such as Meals on Wheels or Samaritan’s Purse. Just google the organization you want to help and sign up when your family is free to serve.

9. Grab your biggest mason jar. Set giving goals with your kids and save up for a cause your family is passionate about. You can keep a designated donation jar on the counter and when it’s full, take it to a local non-profit together.

Get started today so your kids learn the power of generosity and kindness!


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