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4 Finance Apps You Should Know About

July 23, 2019


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In today’s tech savvy world, you can handle most of your personal business from the palm of your hand – finances included. So, if managing your money on the go is a priority, here are four of our favorite personal finance apps. 


You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Free 34-day trial; $6.99/month 


Designed to help you build and actually stick to a budget, YNAB helps you reign in your finances with a four-method approach: 


    1. Give every dollar a job 
    2. Embrace your true expenses 
    3. Roll with the punches 
    4. Age your money


Unlike other personal finance apps, YNAB doesn’t believe in “set it and forget it”. Since every month is different, YNAB syncs with your bank and helps you manage your budget in real-time as you make financial decisions throughout the month. 


YNAB is also known for its educational tools and support community. From live workshops to educational videos and emails – users have a plethora of options to live the YNAB life. 



Free basic plan; $3.99/month upgraded plan  


If over-spending is your concern, PocketGuard may be for you. This app syncs your accounts and investments, and updates throughout the month as you spend. It monitors your activity, sets your budget up on autopilot based on recurring payments, and looks for opportunities for you to save.

The app also includes a cool “in my pocket” feature that shows you how much ‘free money’ you have to spend after all your bills are paid and money is set aside for savings. 





Leading the pack in budget management and planning is Mint. It’s one of the most popular tools on the market, especially for beginners. Owned by Intuit (think: Quickbooks and TurboTax), Mint syncs with your accounts to track and categorize your expenses real-time. It also allows you to track your credit score for free


While Mint has the ability to sync your investment accounts with the app and offer investment advice, it does not invest for you. 


Personal Capital


Arguably, at the top of the leaderboard for all personal finance apps is Personal Capital. It offers a robust financial dashboard with a full suite of tools to assist with expense management, savings, as well as investments. There is also a built-in feature that connects users with a financial advisor, if they’re interested in a consultation.


Personal Capital uses a combined robo-advisor and human financial advisor approach to investment management. Users have the option to pay a fee to invest, but the selection of financial tools at their fingertips is completely free. The app also offers a 401(k) fee analyzer and retirement planner. 



If you need a budget, there are plenty of options to choose from. Try one or more of the above and get control of your finances. 



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