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Movement Bank launches renewed mission and brand identity

April 19, 2021


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101-year-old institution commits to “Bigger Than Banking” brand philosophy

DANVILLE, VA. — Movement Bank is pleased to announce its new “Bigger Than Banking” brand philosophy, which captures a new strategy and mission for the 101-year-old bank.  The philosophy is built on the concept of building bridges across the wealth divide in communities and providing access and inclusion to banking relationships for those who have not been fully served.

The updated branding, which includes new logos and brand colors, reflects the values of love and service which have been at the heart of the work of the bank for the past century. Movement Bank and its brand reflect a new energy and willingness to tackle some of the toughest challenges in its communities – providing fair, affordable products and services to customers in a partnership that is not intimidating and can help each person grow. This is truly a purpose “bigger than banking.”

“Our communities don’t need another bank. They need a new kind of bank,” says Movement Bank Chairman Casey Crawford. “That’s what ‘Bigger Than Banking’ means — that we will work to be the bank that makes our communities stronger.”

Movement Bank’s updated brand philosophy includes the new mission statement: “We exist to love and serve our communities with a purpose bigger than banking by: Building a bridge across the wealth divide, connecting those with resources to those who have been excluded and transforming communities through long-term investments in business, housing and education.”

“Movement Bank is built on a proud history of 100 years of service and economic inclusion. We are going to combine this 100-year legacy with the power of the Movement brand and commit to working on the serious challenge of full access to the financial system for everyone in our community,” says Movement Bank President and CEO David Rupp. “During our strategy work last fall, we spent a lot of time thinking about literally why the bank should exist. I think we ended in the right place: We exist to love and serve with a Purpose Bigger Than Banking.”

Movement Bank’s first action under its new mission will be the launch of “Bigger Than Banking” classes in communities where it does business. These classes will offer training and education for citizens unfamiliar with healthy banking relationships and offer them tools, strategies and special banking products designed to establish healthy saving and banking habits.

“As a lifelong resident of this area, I know how much this bank means to the citizens of Danville,” says bank board member Diron Clements. “I am excited that we are expanding this positive impact and reaching out in partnership to more communities.”

About Movement Bank

Movement Bank exists to love and serve people with a purpose Bigger Than Banking. Founded in 1919 by a community of 21 Black men and women in segregated Danville, Virginia, Movement Bank continues this mission in the 21st century. The bank offers a comprehensive suite of products and services, including checking, savings, money market and certificates of deposit for individuals and businesses. The bank also specializes in mortgage, home equity, auto and personal loans for individuals, and lines of credit, commercial, and real estate financing for businesses. Movement Bank offers online and mobile banking, credit and debit cards and a range of other services. It supports educational and community investment initiatives through the nonprofit Movement Foundation. Movement Bank is based in Danville, Virginia and operates a branch in Fort Mill, South Carolina. The Bank also has loan production offices in Charlotte, Greensboro, Asheboro and Asheville, North Carolina. It conducts business online at movementbank.com.

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Adam O'Daniel is Movement's Communications Director. He leads corporate communication and public relations efforts across the organization. Email him at adam.odaniel@movement.com.