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Movement Bank’s Web Privacy Statement describes how we collect information and the types of tools we use to track user engagement when you visit our website or use our mobile app. Our Web Privacy Statement also describes how we use such information and is intended for users visiting our website from within the U.S. and beyond.


Depending on how you interact online with our bank’s content, we may collect various information about our users’ engagement on our site. For example, when a user opens a new account, makes a loan payment or downloads content about our products or services, we may collect:

  • Contact or identity data, such as a user’s name, mailing address, email address, phone number, date of birth, government-issued identifier (e.g., SSN, tax ID number, driver’s license, or other government ID), citizenship, username, password, and any additional information that directly identifies you.
  • Account-related data, such as account history, account balances, loan details, vehicle or property information, information about joint account holders, business-related information, and any other information related to your Movement Bank accounts, applications, or prequalification inquiries.
  • Transaction data, such as payment history, transaction details when you transfer money to or from your Movement Bank accounts, and billing information or e-statements.
  • Demographic data, such as gender, age, marital status, household size/income, education level, and occupation.


When users interact with our website or use our mobile banking app, we may also collect:

  • Device data, such as your device type, operating system type, web browser type, display/screen settings, language preferences, device contacts, photos (e.g., for mobile check deposits), mobile network information, internet protocol address, general location (e.g., city, state, or country), precise location (e.g., latitude/longitude to find a nearby Movement Bank branch or ATM locations), cookie ID’s, device ID’s, mobile advertising ID’s (e.g., Facebook’s, Instagram’s or Google’s Advertising ID’s), and any connections to web browsers or devices that you use (e.g., Device Data).
  • Online/mobile activity data, such as login details, information about how you use and interact with our website and advertising (including content viewed, links clicked, and features used), search history, how often you use our website and services, and the webpage from which you clicked a link to come to our website (e.g., the referrer URL).
  • Marketing data, such as a user’s marketing preferences, information about products or services we think you may like, and inferences based on your interactions with us or our digital advertising partners (e.g., Website/Mobile Activity Data used for targeted advertising).
  • Communications data, such as your email communication preferences and the content of your communications with us.
  • Employment application information, such as professional, employment-related, and education history collected through Movement Bank’s job portal for job applicants, current employees, affinity associates, and contractors.


When you disclose any information relating to yourself or other people through our website or mobile app, you represent your authority to do so and permit us to use the data according to this Web Privacy Statement.


Movement Bank and third-party providers acting on our behalf use a variety of digital online tools and technologies to collect information when users visit or use our website. We use this data to conduct analytics, personalization, and targeted advertising on or through our website and other digital channels. We may associate our tracking data with your Movement Bank account (if you have one) or with how you were referred to our website from other referral sources.

These tools include:

  • Google Analytics. Our website may sync with Google Analytics to estimate our website’s traffic across a period and throughout the duration of a digital advertising campaign. Movement Bank often runs digital campaigns across its social channels and email marketing platform. Google Analytics provides Movement Bank with information about the number of visitors to the website as a result of specific campaigns, helping the organization gauge traffic, optimization requirements, and popularity trends, which is helpful for market research.
  • Pixel tags. A pixel tag (also known as a clear GIF, pixel, web beacon or tag) is an image or a small piece of code that may be placed in a website, advertisement, or email. This allows organizations to read cookies or transfer information to their servers when you load a webpage or engage with online content. For example, we use pixel tags to determine whether you have engaged with a specific section of our website, viewed a particular advertisement, downloaded marketing content for a particular product, or opened a specific email.
  • Cookies. Cookies are small text files stored on a website’s server in your web browser. Cookies allow organizations to recognize your device and store information about your web interactions and preferences. For example, we may use cookies to store information about pages visited on our site, your language preferences, your relationship with us, or any other information that we have associated with you or your device. You may be able to manage your cookies in the settings on your device.
  • Third-party plugins. Our website may include plugins from other affiliates, including social media companies (e.g., the Facebook “Like” and “share” buttons). These plugins may collect information, such as information about the pages you visit, the amount of time you spend on a page and share it with the affiliate that created the plugin, even if you do not click on the plugin. These third-party plugins are governed by the privacy policies and terms of the development companies that created them.



At Movement Bank, we aim to earn and maintain your trust and confidence when handling your personal and financial information.





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